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In My Shoes

In My Shoes

What is 'In My Shoes'?

We developed our 'In My Shoes' video to reiterate the importance of having empathy and compassion. Everyone who comes into our care has their own life, with their own joys, challenges, and priorities.

As we care for people and support their health, we need to make sure that we take account of the other things going on in their lives that affect their wellbeing. We also need to make sure we include the people they care about and that support them. The same goes for our staff, we wanted this video to be a reminder that staff also have lives outside of work, and while they are professional in their roles, they are also managing multiple things.

This video is essentially about kindness; being kind to one another, and being thoughtful and accepting. Auckland is now one of the most diverse cities in the world so understanding and appreciating people for their many differences is becoming increasingly important.