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Seadrome: Your hands my hands

Seadrome: Your hands my hands

Hand hygiene in community dementia care

Who are Seadrome?

Seadrome Home and Hospital is an aged care facility based in Massey, Auckland providing services for residents with dementia in a therapeutic and safe environment.

What is 'Your hands my hands' - hand hygiene in dementia care?

  • 'Your hands my hands' is about education and training our staff about the importance of the 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene
  • We undertake monthly auditing to assess compliance to standards and address areas of non-compliance

Our overall aim is to increase staff knowledge about the importance of performing Hand Hygiene to prevent and minimise health care associated infections.

Seadrome Hand Hygiene Gold Auditor
Seadrome Hand Hygiene Gold Auditor

What have we done?

We developed resources to support ongoing education and compliance, these include:

  • "Your Hands My Hands" poster which is displayed in our campus
  • Short videos reinforcing hand hygiene at Seadrome featuring members of our staff and residents

'Your Hands My Hands' hand hygiene poster
'Your Hands My Hands' hand hygiene poster

We are carrying out ongoing education and auditing:

  • "Phase One: The Importance of Hand Hygiene" teaching sessions completed, and is included as part of orientation for new staff
  • Monthly audits and reviews underway

Hand hygiene technique demo by our Gold Auditor
Hand hygiene technique demo by our Gold Auditor

The success of our training was achieved by:

  • conducting in-service education in smaller groups
  • multiple physical demonstrations of correct techniques
  • providing the staff an opportunity to become a "Hand Hygiene Coach"
  • sharing auditing results with staff

Hand hygiene education session
Hand hygiene education session

Did we make any difference?

  • Improvement in results of infection rate surveillance as well as Hand Hygiene audit results
    • 98.1% overall compliance achieved by 30 staff in Hand Hygiene audit conducted in February 2016 (up from 95.4% in October 2015)
  • Increased awareness of staff members on the significance of Hand Hygiene in Dementia Care
  • Heightened motivation for staff members to perform proper Hand Hygiene procedures. Some staff members are already experts; a few of them have displayed great efforts to improve

Where to from here?

  • Using the new videos in the next phase of education
  • Evaluation of education sessions
  • Extending education to family/whānau, including demonstrations and pamphlets

Seadrome team
The Seadrome team