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Reducing manual processes for MHSOA

Reducing manual processes for MHSOA

What is MHSOA?

Mental Health Services for Older Adults (MHSOA) provides care for service users aged 65 years and over in both inpatient and community settings on the North Shore, Rodney District and West Auckland.

MHSOA provides assessment, treatment and support to service users who:

  • develop new psychiatric disorders in late life
  • have psychiatric complications of a physical illness associated with ageing

What are we trying to achieve?

The aim of the project is to reduce the number of sources requiring manual data entry by 50% by September 2016 (MHSOA North) and October 2016 (MHSOA West). We wanted to:

  • ensure that all service users receive timely and appropriate care
  • reduce duplication of work
  • reduce time and effort required to complete administrative tasks
  • improve data collection and tracking patients’ journeys through the service

What did we find?

We identified four key processes within the MHSOA service that were manual ie uses a physical whiteboard, handwritten notes or a typed list.

What have we done?

We have implemented the following initiatives across the four key processes:


Did we make a difference?

  • Overall we achieved an 80% reduction in duplicate manual data sources, from 15 to 3
  • Feedback from both MHSOA North and West has been positive and the transition has been successful. The processes have been streamlined, reducing the risk of miscommunication between the community teams and the inpatient ward
  • Staff from the inpatient ward have been very pleased with the change

Where to from here?

Other opportunities identified for improvement include:

  • transition of other documents currently sent via post to electronic letters
  • using the scheduling feature in the system for clinician appointments
  • eliminating the use of physical files and going paperless