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What is eRadiology?

eRadiology is an online system that allows doctors to request and review radiology investigations (like X-rays, ultrasound, MRIs and CT scans).

Why is eRadiology important?

The key goal of this initiative was to improve patient safety and to improve efficiency and reliability when ordering Radiology services.

eRadiology provides secure and reliable electronic communication between the Radiology department and doctors to improve the timeliness of treatment by reducing the time taken to obtain radiology results. 

Additional benefits are:

  • improved traceability and accountability of radiology requests and reports
  • reduced risk for error
  • Improved efficiency

What have we done?

After a pilot in older adults and urology services, eRadiology was successfully implemented across our hospitals with approximately 95% of all radiology orders being placed in the new system.


Did we make a difference?

We are already seeing significant clinical and operational benefits since go live:

  • reduction from 90 minutes to 5 minutes from a request placed to being actioned by the Radiology department
  • reduction from 10 minutes to less than 1 minute for each radiology request to be processed.
  • the ability to trace and account for every radiology request and report in the system

Where to from here?

The project is part of a northern regional programme of work to deliver electronic order systems for Laboratory, Radiology and Procedures using the same solution for the four Northern District Health Boards (Auckland, Counties Manukau, Northland and Waitemata DHBs).

eRadiology is the first phase of the programme to be followed by eLaboratory (electronic end-to-end solution for laboratory orders). Both projects form part of our overarching Leapfrog programme [view more about Leapfrog]. Further enhancement to eRadiology is planned to improve report sign-off by clinical teams.